2019/2020 DPSL Tutorial Day 9

February 20, 2020 all-day
OIde Creamery
Kaipaki Rd
New Zealand
Dairy Production Systems Ltd
(07) 858 2224

Dairy Production Systems Ltd runs a year-long (10 sessions) DPSL Workshop Series, the next series running from April 2019 to March 2020 in the Waikato (just out of Hamilton).

The goals of the course are:
1)    To know the Dairy Cow
2)    To Understand the Rumen
3)    To optimize Feed Efficiency
4)    To show that fully feeding dairy cows and managing them for optimum performance,
health and comfort can be highly profitable and learn how to do it

The Tutorial series provides an opportunity to develop an excellent understanding of how one particular farm is managed and of different options as to how it might be developed from a farm doing average production and achieving average profitability to a farm in the top 10%.  A variety of farms will be visited and the different farming systems discussed in detail.

For further details please contact the DPSL office.