On-farm consultancy advising on dairy cow performance

Dairy cow productivity within your farm conditions

Manage dairy cow productivity for your farm conditions

Dairy Production Systems Ltd is a farm consultancy specialising in dairy cow nutrition, health and management to optimise dairy farm performance and profit, to eliminate problems and to meet specific farm goals.Tailored to your farm, improved cow and feed management enables you to benefit from the knowledge, innovative technology and opportunities available within our dynamic dairy industry.
We are strongly focused on prioritising sustainable high productivity without compromising the welfare of livestock, people or the environment.

Experts in analysing dairy cow performance

Our three principals, Bryan McKay, Sue Macky and Elizabeth Dillon, are all veterinarians with differing areas of responsibility, expertise and postgraduate training. All our consultants have extensive dairy farm, cow and feed management experience. We are able to translate the science into practical applications that will have significant and positive outcomes for your dairy herd’s productivity.
Meet the DPSL Consulting Team

Dairy farm and industry consulting in New Zealand and internationally

DPSL consultants work throughout New Zealand and elsewhere in the world. Identifying opportunities to improve your farm’s performance is a feature of our business. We can show you how to manage risk that threatens sustainable dairy production on your farm.
Our combination of veterinary, nutrition, cow and practical farm management skills is applicable to all farm systems and environments, regardless of intensity.
We present seminars and training programmes internationally as well as in New Zealand, delivering relevant knowledge and skills to dairy farmers and industry professionals.
Dairy farm consultancy

Learn to manage your dairy herd’s productivity

We offer tutorials, field trips, farm workshops and seminars to educate dairy farmers, staff and professionals working within the dairy industry. Learn how to turn the under-performing cow into a high-performance cow and how to address problems in nutrition, health and reproduction on your farm.
Education for the dairy industry – Workshops, Seminars, Field Trips

Customised cattle feed rations

The quality, quantity and composition of your herd’s feed inputs have a direct effect upon your herd’s performance. Our consultants can develop a personalised programme that meets the needs of your individual farm. While we do not have a feed mill and remain totally independent of all suppliers, we can source and supply commodity feeds, customised feed mixes and mineral premixes as you may require. Feeding these supplements, as advised by our consultants, will boost dairy cow performance.

Feeds for dairy farms

Contributing to dairy industry knowledge

DPSL engages in on-farm trials and research that add to the information shared by the dairy industry as a whole. We collect and analyse data as the basis of reliable benchmarking that we use to keep our on-farm programmes relevant to a vital and enterprising dairy farming environment.
Research for the dairy industry