Research and Analysis within the dairy industry

DPSL engages in on-farm trials and research to augment the knowledge shared by the dairy industry as a whole. We collect and analyse data to establish reliable benchmarking that we use to keep our programmes relevant to a vital and fast-changing dairy farming environment.

Our knowledge of the dairy industry constantly expands as we share experiences with other dairy specialists throughout the world, as well as gaining information from our own research and analysis projects. New Zealand farmers and agricultural businesses benefit from this breadth of knowledge as well as from our practical understanding of cow management.

DPSL dairy farm benchmarking programs

Our consultants encourage dairy farmers to collect and supply farm data for analysis using our benchmarking programs. This allows you to compare your dairy farm’s performance against its own performance over time, and against the performance of other farms of similar type. This will highlight the opportunities for improvement on your farm, show you what it is possible to achieve, and pinpoint the areas in which your dairy farm is performing well.

Benchmarking your dairy farm’s performance

Research and Analysis projects by DPSL in New Zealand

DPSL has the ability to use our extensive network to conduct field trials into cow management and nutrition. Agricultural companies within New Zealand as well as international agricultural companies contract DPSL to trial their products in New Zealand farming conditions.

These product analysis projects are monitored by DPSL senior consultants and provide essential accurate feed-back to the producers of feeds or products for the dairy industry.

Product Evaluation

Randomised Controlled Field Trials