Seminars for the dairy industry

At dairy farming seminars held by Bryan Mckay and Sue Macky, Dairy Production System Ltd veterinarians, you will walk the talk on farms, and learn what successful dairy farmers have already learnt.

DPSL organises single day or half-day dairy farming seminars throughout New Zealand. These seminars are on topical, relevant and often controversial subjects that are not generally well understood.

Having particular knowledge in the nutrition and management of the dairy cow, the consultants regularly hold seminars on topics such as:

  • Spring and summer feeding, and alternative feeds
  • Rumen physiology
  • Protein digestion in transition cows and introduction to carbohydrates.

Dairy farming seminars focused on the dairy cow

Our seminars also cover practical topics relating to the welfare and comfort of the dairy cow, its behavioural patterns and what these signify. This knowledge is fundamental to consistently achieving optimum production on a dairy farm.

On farms and using dairy herds as examples, DPSL consultants will show you how to recognise the signs of a cow whose performance is beginning to slump, and how to detect factors that may lower fertility in dairy herds. They will also explain how to manage the high producing cow, and discuss other information essential to maintaining herds in top condition.

DPSL seminars are relevant and practical

Recent examples of seminars held by DPSL include:

  • Cow Housing and Cow Comfort by Sue Macky
  • Reproduction and Fertility of the Dairy Cow by Bryan McKay.

Maintaining a high level of production in a difficult year will stretch the resources of your farm. Dairy farming seminars that give farmers practical advice and strategies to plan for extreme conditions, such as we have recently experienced, are particularly sought after at present.

When you attend DPSL seminars, you have the advantage of learning from experts in the dairy industry who lead their own research projects as well as being up to date with the latest international industry research programmes.

All our seminars are open to the general public, and many are initiated in response to a request from other industry participants.

In addition, our consultants are frequently invited to speak at dairy industry seminars and conferences managed by other organisations, both in New Zealand and overseas. Their ability to translate the science into simple, practical examples makes them popular speakers.