Dairy cow ration design by dairy nutritionists

DPSL will recommend a dairy cow ration programme designed specifically for your supplementary stock feed, based on the requirements identified during a consultation by our consultants.

Minerals, customised mixes and blends

Our dairy nutrition specialists will assess the feed you have available and design a full dairy cow ration programme, supported by a mineral mix customised for your dairy herd, on your farm, for your conditions. Feed blends can also be made up for your stock’s specific needs at strategic times such as transition or calving.

Specialty feeds can be targeted to address the needs of particular cows in order to achieve specific outcomes. These feeds include Biochlor, Bypass Fats, Vicomb, Yeasacc, Mycosorb, Metipearl, Lysipearl and Cholipearl.

We can offer you a reliable supply of these customised feed mixes as required. However, as these specialty and mineral mixes take longer to prepare and some are imported products, please place your order well before you run out of feed mix.

As well as the customised recipes for your dairy cow ration programme, we can source various feeds and feed blends, minerals and mineral mixes for you.

All packaging can be sized for individual farms and herd sizes. We regularly supply bulk feeds to our clients, including Palm Kernel, Canola, Tapioca, and Soya Bean Meal.

A daily email feed “DPSL Daily Feed Price Updates” keeps our feed clients up to date with current pricing and trends. This helps you to select the best contract or spot price, and to choose the most opportune time to buy.

Nutrition of the dairy cow

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