Mobile Phone Apps for dairy farmers

DPSL encourages the use of Farmmate mobile phone apps for dairy farmers. These have been designed by kiwi dairy farmers to make it easier for you to manage your farm staff, and to coordinate feeding grass and supplemented diets to your dairy herds.

Phone apps to aid everyday farm management

  1. MixMate – Take the guess work out of your herd’s ration. Set your own targets and ensure your herd is eating exactly what you want them to get. Record feed deliveries, order feed, annual feed budget, calculate cost of ration and much more.
  2. GrassMate – Records grazings, farm walks, effluent and fertiliser applications. View your feed wedge and spring rotation planner.
  3. CowMate – Analyse how well you are feeding your cows.
  4. WorkMate – List your jobs and communicate them to your staff.

    Farmmates mobile phone apps for dairy farmers

    Farmmates mobile phone apps for dairy farmers are designed as aids in farm management.

  5. CalfMate – This app records daily calf birth detail and is free.

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