Product evaluation on New Zealand farms by DPSL

Agricultural companies within New Zealand and overseas need to trial their products in New  Zealand farming conditions, which are quite different from elsewhere. DPSL carries out product evaluation on New Zealand farms for the dairy industry.

Test your product on New Zealand dairy farms

DPSL works alongside agricultural companies who have invested in research and development and would like to test their product in a variety of New Zealand farming conditions.

We have access to farms with advanced computerised analytical tools to measure productivity, health events and reproduction. The data gathered will be collated and a detailed product evaluation report with the results of the trial will be produced.

DPSL has run programmes to test many products, including:

  • Rumensin for use in pastoral environments
  • Factors affecting reproductive outcomes
  • Prevention of Ketosis
  • The strategic use of ProGibb SG within a farm system to maximise productivity.

The project is always run by an experienced project manager with one of our senior consultants overseeing the process.

Contact us to test your product on New Zealand dairy farms.