Randomised controlled trials run by DPSL for the dairy industry

DPSL can design and set up randomised controlled trials on farms in New Zealand, for overseas companies and those within New Zealand, to test your products in our specific conditions.

Randomised controlled trials supervised by DPSL consultants

Randomised controlled trials are designed by experts and always supervised by experienced project managers and veterinarians.

DPSL is able to offer your company the benefit of having your product piloted on New Zealand farms, with our very different conditions from elsewhere in the world.

New Zealand farms work within a predominantly grass-fed system, and our soils differ markedly from European and North American soils. With the data generated by our trials, you will be able to assess a product’s performance in New Zealand against its performance in Europe and the USA.

DPSL has access to farms using a variety of specialised equipment, including computerised milking systems.

We have typically run trials on productivity enhancers, supplements, and products such as oestrus detection devices.

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DPSL runs randomised controlled trials in NZ conditions

DPSL tests agricultural products in NZ conditions.