Dairy cow feed sources and supply

DPSL obtains high quality dairy cattle feeds from reputable suppliers. As an independent company, we are able to focus on buying the best stock feeds available for each season.

DPSL nutritional consultants assess dairy cattle feeds for farmers

Our dairy cow nutritional consultants assess the analysis of the products used in  the recommended mix of dry feeds, minerals and vitamins for your stock’s nutritional needs.

Cattle feedstuffs can be ordered from us according to your herd’s needs. Having sound knowledge of cow nutrition on pasture, we understand the changing seasonal feed patterns of dairy herds in New Zealand conditions and establish reliable sources of the appropriate dairy stock feeds.

Good quality bulk stock feeds, supplements and feed mixes

Your DPSL consultant will recommend customised recipes for you, and the DPSL office will source a supply of this feed mix as you require it. We will source the best options for contract or spot deliveries at the time of your request. Please notify us of the amount you need, and when you will need it, well in advance of your required delivery date.

We can supply bulk feeds to clients, such as palm kernel, canola, tapioca and soya bean meal. Feeds can be ordered to suit individual farm and herd sizes. A daily email feed “DPSL Daily Feed Price Updates” keeps our feed clients up to date with current pricing and trends, so you can select the best contract or spot price, and choose the right time to buy.

DPSL supplies dairy cattle feed to farms

We coordinate supplies of good quality bulk dairy cattle feeds to farms.


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