Dairy cow feeds, minerals and supplements

Harvesting grain for dairy cow feeds

DPSL supply good quality dairy cow feeds at the best available price.

DPSL can supply many different supplementary dairy cow feeds to dairy farmers, as well as offering a regular supply of customised mineral recipes as recommended by our consultants.

One of our consultants can examine the total intake of your cows and the nutritional composition of their feed, and then show you how to implement a feed management programme that will lift your dairy herd’s performance.

Nutrition of the dairy cow

Specialty feed mixes can be designed to address the needs of particular dairy cows for particular results. These feed and mineral mixes can be supplied by DPSL as you require them.

Ration design: minerals, customised mixes and blends

Our feed clients receive the DPSL Daily Feed Price Updates. This gives you the list of feeds available, and the best feed prices for that day for different areas around New Zealand, so you can choose the opportune time to buy. It includes a graph that tracks the trend of price movement on Palm Kernal Extract (PKE) and Soya Bean Meal.

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