Solving farming problems with a DPSL dairy consultant

Dairy Production Systems Ltd consultants are well qualified for solving farming problems that limit dairy farm performance: they share a powerful combination of cow management, nutrition and veterinary skills, backed by decades of experience on dairy farms.

Many of the problems on dairy farms can be avoided by seeking specialist advice on cow management and nutrition, as well as by preventive veterinary medicine. Investment in the prevention of problems gives a far higher return than the treatment of existing problems. Successful outcomes flow from a holistic approach to solving farming problems.

Managing transition cows to reduce problems

Dairy cow and calf: solving problems by correctly managing your cows through transition.

Correctly managing dairy cows through transition is solving farming problems before they start.

The management of transition cows when they are between being dry cows and lactating cows in full milk is a particular strength of the DPSL consulting team. This is when most problems develop for the dairy cow, affecting her lactation performance. Establishing effective management and feeding during transition significantly reduces problems and has positive consequences over the whole year.

Transition management is often the point at which we are called in – we may get a referral from your vet or another consultant, or you may contact us directly to solve a problem:

  • A high incidence of milk fever at calving
  • Ketosis in early lactation
  • Poor reproduction
  • Other difficulties that typically arise on dairy farms during transition.

Risk management for dairy farms is critical

Solving farming problems also includes risk management: the development of strategies to overcome potential flooding, drought, falling payouts and other adversities that could threaten your dairy operation. We can help you to develop a plan that will carry you through these difficult seasons.

Environmental regulations in rural areas

Dairy farmers frequently seek our advice about environmental regulations, especially those focusing on soil damage, nutrient leaching, or nuisance factors for non-rural neighbours, such as noise, smell and dust. We are able to call on the services of specialists in these regulations to assist you in solving farming problems. Successfully farming dairy cows within these restrictions requires careful and well-informed management.

Advising you on Special Projects

The depth of experience within the DPSL consulting team means that we are able to offer consultancy services to dairy farmers in specialised areas:

  • Dairy farm conversion
  • Cow purchase
  • Dairy herd genetics
  • Farm purchase options and opportunities
  • Staff training
  • Farm or herd evaluation
  • Ration formulation for farmers and feed suppliers
  • Expert opinion and adjudication.

We are regularly contacted by other veterinarians and consultants to give a second opinion or to investigate health, production and reproduction problems on dairy farms. We have great satisfaction in using our skills and knowledge of the dairy industry in solving your farming problems.