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The DPSL InfoLine keeps our members up to date with a monthly Dairy Industry Review as well as articles on seasonal or unusual farm and weather problems that affect our clients during the farming year.

The InfoLine also shares information of common interest to our members, such as job vacancies, farm equipment and stock for sale.

All DPSL members receive the InfoLine. It is complimentary for current DPSL clients and available to anyone else by annual subscription.

How to become a DPSL InfoLine Member

The DPSL InfoLine will be e-mailed to all DPSL members. Our current members include all our clients who have purchased feed or services within the last 12 months and all participants in the DPSL Workshop Farm Series. These members will continue to receive the InfoLine and need do nothing else, unless they no longer wish to receive it.

If you are not a current DPSL member but wish to receive the InfoLine, you may still do so by taking up a DPSL membership subscription. This will run each year from 1 April to 31 March with an annual subscription charge of $130 including GST.

If you wish to subscribe to the DPSL InfoLine, please fill in the attached subscription form and submit, with your direct debit payment receipt.

DPSL Infoline Subscription form 2017

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DPSL InfoLine published weekly

DPSL InfoLine gives readers relevant dairy industry information.