Mike Woods BVSc

Mike Woods: associate consultant at DPSL

Associate consultant at DPSL

Mike became a farm management consultant with DPSL in 2004, working with dairy farmers to improve herd health and farm performance, as well as contributing his knowledge and practical experience at the tutorials and courses we hold for dairy farmers throughout New Zealand. He has a real empathy with dairy farmers, working with them to establish sustainable and profitable farming practices, from his base in the Bay of Plenty. Mike is an excellent practical hands-on educator, with a particular interest in developing the knowledge and skills of farm personnel.

Mike’s interest in the nutrition of young dairy stock developed during twenty-five years as a veterinarian and many years of raising calves and farming dairy heifers. This practical experience of dairy farming, together with his veterinarian background, gives him exceptional strength in pasture management, and he has given presentations at many dairy industry seminars.

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